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Khamrah Qahwa EDP

Khamrah Qahwa EDP

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Main Accord

Warm spicy
White floral
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Ginger, Cinnamon, Cardamom.
Praline, Candied Fruits, White Flowers.
Coffee Arabica, Tonka Beans, Musk, Benzoin, Vanilla.

Khamrah Qahwa by lattafa : An Olfactory Journey to the Heart of Arabia.

Khamrah Qahwa by Lattafa is not just a fragrance. Rather, it serves as a captivating journey that smoothly guides you into the very essence of Arabia. this perfume is a homage to the traditional art of Arabian perfumery.

History and Origin LATTAFA:

Firstly, Lattafa is a popular perfume brand that creates fragrances inspired by Arabic traditions. Their perfumes are known for their bold, daring, and evocative aromas, therefore reflecting the vibrant spirit of the Middle East. They are not as expensive as some luxury brands, but they are still considered premium and high-quality. Because of that they got huge popularity between fragrance lovers in italy.

How Khamrah Qahwa smeels like?

This fragrance opens with vibrant notes of coffee and cardamom. which leading perfume lovers on a unique sensory journey. The heart of the perfume is a blend of tobacco and incense, bringing to mind the ambiance of Arabian evenings. The base is warm and enveloping, showcasing hints of vanilla and oud, ingredients cherished in the creation of luxury perfumes.

Honesty, lattafa Khamrah Qahwa smeels like 90% of original lattafa khamrah perfume but with mixed of arabian caffè. which brings a dark smeel with warm sweetness of tonka beans. and that original lattafa khamrah perfume are 50% similar to Angel's share by Kilian. most of people says original khamrah actually made inspired by Angel's share by Kilian. 

but on my opinion, Lattafa khamrah perfume way more sexier, additive then Angel's share by Kilian. and every kind people's loves lattafa khamrah perfume. also it is one of the most selling perfume by lattafa industry. so all these amazing smells getting mixing up with arabian caffè aroma. which makes it more strong manly addictive smell perfume. 

Lattafa Khamrah Qahwa Notes:

  • Top NotesGinger, Cinnamon, Cardamom.
  • Middle Notes: Praline, Candied Fruits, White Flowers.
  • Base Notes: Coffee Arabica, Tonka Beans, Musk, Benzoin, Vanilla.

        Cultural Resonance and Trends in Italy:

        In Italy, there's a growing interest in enigmatical and niche fragrances. Khamrah Qahwa satisfies this curiosity by offering a scent that melds Arabian exoticism with a touch of modernity. for example Italian perfumery blogs and influencers, like Fragrantica have praised its uniqueness and depth.

        Why Choose IT?

        Khamrah Qahwa is the perfect choice for individuals who are in search of a perfume that tells a tale and provides something that goes beyond merely being a fragrance. It's an excellent choice for special evenings or events, where its distinctive aroma can truly shine around.


        To sum up, Khamrah Qahwa by Lattafa is a captivating and seductive fragrance. perfect for perfume enthusiasts in Italy, eager to discover intense, culturally rich aromas. It's available in selected perfume shops and online at sites like


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